2012 Brewers & Brews

1. American Brewing Co – Edmonds, WA

It’s true that we are a new micro brewery in the Pacific Northwest, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t rich with history. Our Founder and President, Neil Fallon, is new to the brewing industry but not new to building businesses from the ground up.  The last twenty years he has been involved in the real estate industry, eventually doing business under his own moniker, Neil Fallon Development.  With several completed communities under his belt it was time to try something new. The prospect of venturing into the microbrewery business was a temptation he couldn’t resist. But where to begin? Two criteria were at the top of his list: the location and the brewer.  Through a long process of elimination it came down to a brewer, Skip Madsen, and a location, the City of Edmonds, who warmly welcomed us from the start.Skip Madsen has been brewing beer since 1992.  He is an esteemed craftsman with deep roots in the Northwest’s micro brewing community. Skip embodies the epitome of a world class brewer.  He has the mind of a chemist, the physical strength required to brew and the heart and soul of an artist.  His skill elevates him and his creations.


  • Breakaway IPA – This American Style India Pale Ale is a true Northwest IPA; a big, bold hop aroma with floral and  citrus notes greets you. Its dark honey color is a bit hazy due to dry hopping. There is a medium intense hop bitterness that doesn’t linger and is well balanced with a citrusy (grapefruit), malty sweetness. Your senses score big time with this IPA! 7.2% ABV 90 IBU
  • Caboose Oatmeal Stout – This Oatmeal Stout is dark brown to almost black in color with a rich, cream colored head. It has a pleasant, full bodied, smooth profile with an aromatic blend of coffee and roasted malts. Savor the long, rich finish that tempts you with just a subtle hint of dark chocolate. This oatmeal stout is something great to behold, enjoy! 7% ABV 30 IBU

2. Diamond Knot – Mukilteo, WA

Diamond Knot’s original alehouse is in a building that has housed a pub for over 20 years. Before the building became a pub, it was a bus garage used by the local transit company and the main roll-up door can still be seen just inside our front door. The original thick, sturdy wooden beams and open plank ceiling, giving the building a wharf-like atmosphere that fits perfectly with the our nautical feel and the waterfront on which we are located.


  • Blonde Ale
  • IPA

3. Iron Horse Brewery – Ellensburg, WA

Our story is a lot like our beer; unconventional. It’s the story of a semi-lost 20 something year old with a young family, who fell in love with the art and science of brewing beer, instead of finishing college, like he was supposed to. He may well still be brewing in his garage at this very moment, if his retired father, Gary had not believed in his son, and offered to join him in business.
Greg, with one small child and another on the way, somehow convinced his wife, Natalia that moving across two states and buying into a failing brewery was a good idea. If nothing else, Greg is persuasive. Three months into the social experiment, Gary, Greg’s dad had the inspired idea to bring in Greg’s good high school friend, Ross as a partner. Granted Ross was an English major (which has nothing to do with beer?), but hey, the guy can talk to anybody.
And well, they did what anybody would do in their shoes. Worked all hours of the day for wages below poverty level. Talked to the people, found out what they wanted and made it. Poured beer at festivals all over the state. Shook hands. Begged for placements at bars. Picked up spare change off the sidewalk. Made big mistakes. Figured out how to correct them. Learned a few things the easy way. Learned a lot of things the hard way. And were grateful that at least they had access to nearly free beer.
In the process of struggling to make something out of very little, they figured out what Iron Horse Brewery really stood for. They weren’t making beer to please the critics of the world, they were making craft beer for people. There are a lot of rules and regulations about how things should be, and when it comes to their beer and their lives, they don’t care about rules. They care about innovation, taking risks, and authenticity.
With that core belief intact you have the Iron Horse Brewery of today; Greg continuing to push the envelope, Ross using a vernacular more appropriate to classical literature than selling beer, Gary suggesting barrier-busting, painfully optimistic future plans, Natalia still working in the business for the sole purpose of keeping Greg in check, and an amazing staff that keeps Iron Horse Beers moving into the hands of the people. You’re welcome.


  • 509 Style Ale A medium-bodied, lightly-malty ale with medium hop presence that finishes exceedingly smooth. A blend of three domestic hop varieties, including Cascade, provides a light and subtle aroma and flavor. 509: area code of the eastside. 509 Style: ale of the eastside.
  • Iron Horse IPA A highly approachable IPA with lots of hop flavor and aroma, mild bitterness, and a dry finish. Dosed late in the boil, as well as dry-hopped, this India Pale Ale focuses not on the bitterness in the finish, but instead on the flavor and aroma of the hops.

4. Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co – Snoqualmie, WA

We are a small private company, located in historic downtown Snoqualmie, Washington.  Founders Pat Anderson, David McKibben, Dave Eiffert, LeRoy Gmazel and Tom Antone did not have the sense to know that you had to be crazy to start a brewery in 1997, when most of the rest of the world thought the craft brewing industry was going down the tube, so 14 years later, here we are. We commenced brewing operations in our new craft brewery near Snoqualmie Falls on December 20, 1997. Our original beers were formulated by Pat, and the initial batch of each was brewed by David, with Pat’s occasional assistance.  Of Pat’s original beers, only Wildcat IPA remains today. January 9, 1998, Rande Reed, formerly head brewer of Thomas Kemper and Pyramid, became head brewer at Snoqualmie Falls. Rande brought 12+ years of experience to our brewery, and is responsible for the unfailingly consistent high quality of our beer.  Rande is ably assisted with production by Kevin Gesell and Courtney Ford. Erik Carels is our outside sales manager, and Jaime Casady manages our Taproom, opened in April 2006, and remodeled and expanded in 2011. In June 2010, Martin Tozer joined us as Brewery Manager. Our original brewery equipment was a 7 bbl system.  In September 2001, we purchased a 17.5 bbl system, which doubled our brewing capacity upon its installation in November of 2004. We ferment in five 14 bbl open fermenters and two 17 bbl conical fermenters, and condition beer from the open fermenters in ten 7 bbl Grundies, with two additional 7 bbl Grundies used as bright tanks. We are able to produce up to 5,000 bbls a year on this equipment.  At the start, all product was draft for the local market. In June 2001, we acquired a little 3 head bottle filler affectionately known as the “Little Princess.”  It was slow and more manual than automatic, but it let us sell bottles as well as draft!   In January 2008, we acquired a four head Meheen, which vastly increased our bottling capacity.


  • Wildcat IPA – The balanced Hop Monster! This India Pale Ale has helped define our northwest style: big, bold hop flavors from 100% Yakima-grown Columbus hops and enough malt backbone to stand up to them. We use premium Pale, Munich, Cara-Pils and Crystal malts, as well as top-fermenting ale yeast to create the perfect hop delivery system. 1.062 O.G. / 6.6% ABV / 75 IBU
  • Little Si Kolsch – Brewed in the likeness of a style unique to Cologne, Germany where dozens of breweries produce light ales with tremendous drinkability, Little Si Kolsch is brewed with nothing more than Pale Malt, a bit of wheat, and German Spalt hops. 1.046 O.G. / 4.8% ABV / 24 IBU

5. Icicle Brewing Company – Leavenworth, WA

Icicle Brewing Company strives to use local ingredients whenever possible.  The water for our beer comes from Icicle Creek which flows into the Wenatchee River less than a mile from the brewery.  The bulk of the malted barley comes from a maltster in the Okanagan Valley.  Our hops arrive from the Yakima Valley where owner Oliver Brulotte was born and raised.  Finally, we get our yeast from a laboratory located in the Columbia River Gorge. In 2001, we (Oliver, Pamela Brulotte and our children Gabrielle, Joshua & Elise) were fortunate enough to move to Leavenworth, Washington.  At that time we built and opened München Haus Bavarian Grill & Beer Garden, Operating a beer garden has opened our eyes to the amazing craft brews available around the world and especially the Northwest, and we take pleasure in having the opportunity to share these with our customers and enjoy them ourselves. With our love of beer and Oliver’s family history of hop farming that spans four generations, it was a natural fit to want to produce fresh, delicious, local craft brews.  There is nothing more Bavarian than having a brewery in your own town, so after a family trip to Germany, we realized what a great addition a brewery would be to the beautiful “Bavarian Getaway” that we call home.  We look forward to providing you with a craft beer experience that will excite your senses, quench your thirst, expand your horizons, and keep you coming back for more!


  • Khaos Kolsch – A crisp yet smooth straw-colored ale, with a medium-light body.  A delicately balanced beer showcasing subtle fruit flavors and aromas paired with a subdued maltiness.  Styled after the ale of West-Central Germany, where the town of Cologne (Köln) is the home of Kölsch beer.  In a country known for its lagers, this golden ale is a complex, yet subtle treat.  Served in a traditional German crafted tall, narrow 200ml glass called a “Stange” or “pole”. ABV: 5.0%      IBU: 21      OG: 11.7°P      FG: 2.3°P
  • Bootjack IPA – Intense hop flavors and aroma are smoothly balanced in this medium bodied amber ale.  With citrusy floral hop notes and a sweet-malty undertone, this American IPA is an amber beer dominated by rich Yakima grown hops.  You will smell the hops, taste the hops, and feel the hops.  Served in an American crafted traditional 16oz. pint glass. ABV: 6.5%      IBU: 60       OG: 15.7°P       FG: 3.8°P

6. Harmon Brewing Company – Tacoma, WA

The Harmon Brewing Co, est. 1997, is located in the heart of downtown Tacoma and the beautiful historic warehouse district. The Harmon name comes from the building itself – The Harmon Manufacturing Bldg, built in 1908 for F.S. Harmon – once the largest furniture manufacturer this side of the Mississippi. Our restaurant/brewery is the anchor tenant in what is the tallest post and beam structure in Tacoma. Beer and food always tastes better in rustic buildings like the Harmon – which boasts solid posts 3′ square and original fir floors! It’s truly one of a kind. In 1995, local developer Fred Roberson met up with businessman and beer lover – Pat Nagle and 2 years later opened Tacoma’s first craft microbrewery in this newly renovated building and district. This amazing downtown area is now home to the University of Washington Tacoma and the 3 amazing museums – Washington State Historical Museum, Tacoma Art Museum and The Museum of Glass. Carole Holder joined Pat Nagle after buying out Roberson and she brings the same passion for Tacoma, craft beer and great food to be shared by all. At the Harmon we pride ourselves in brewing quality, small batch brews in the famous NW craft-style ; you’ll always find our 5 flagship beers on tap and several seasonal beers as well. Stop in and visit us for lunch or dinner; bring the family or a large gaggle of you – as we are the best in town in serving large groups, teams and of course families.


  • One Hop Wonder IPA – This version of our One Hop Wonder series was brewed with Sterling hops. 3 malted barley’s including a Belgian Chateau Abby barley. All Sterling all the time for this IPA – Whole leaf hops in the mash, 4 kettle additions and then dry hopped with whole leaf hops to finish it off.   6.1% ABV

7. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company – Chico, CA

In 1979, Ken Grossman began building a small brewery in the town of Chico, California. His goal: to brew exceptional ales and lagers. Today, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is considered the premier craft brewery in the United States. And the beer? Critics proclaim it “Among the best brewed anywhere in the world.” Ken’s passion for brewing began when a friend showed him the basics of home brewing. Using homemade equipment, Ken began brewing five-gallon batches of beer on his own, and soon became a proficient home brewer. In 1976, after studying chemistry and physics at Butte Community College and California State University at Chico, Ken opened his own store, The Home Brew Shop. There, he supplied Chico’s home-brewing community with equipment, materials, and advice, but dreamed of opening his own brewery. Two years later, it was time to make the dream a reality. Ken and co-founder Paul Camusi cobbled a brewery together from dairy tanks, a soft-drink bottler, and equipment salvaged from defunct breweries. Though the equipment was secondhand, they created a first-rate microbrewery. The ingredients were premium, including the copious quantities of hops that would become the brewery’s trademark. An avid backpacker, Ken named the new company for his favorite hiking grounds—the Sierra Nevada mountains. Finally, on November 15, 1980, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. brewed the first batch of what would soon become a landmark in American craft brewing: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Word spread quickly, and over the next decade the demand for Sierra Nevada brews soon exceeded the brewery’s modest brewing capacity. Despite nearly constant additions to the brewery, Ken was soon back at the drawing board, planning a new brewery. In 1989, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. moved to its current site. Ken traveled to Germany and brought back a traditional 100-barrel copper brew house, which became the heart of the new brewery. This met demand for a while, but the brewery soon needed to expand again. In 1997, Ken commissioned the original coppersmiths to match new kettles to the originals, bringing the brewery’s total capacity to almost eight hundred thousand barrels per year. Building the new brewery afforded Sierra Nevada the opportunity to create two stunning showcases, both featuring exceptional dining, live music, and its award-winning beers. To this day, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. remains true to its roots. Ken is still personally involved in every aspect of brewery operation. Most importantly, the Sierra Nevada commitment to quality remains the same. Premium ingredients and time-honored brewing techniques make Sierra Nevada ales and lagers truly exceptional beers.


  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale   – Our most popular beer, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, is a delightful interpretation of a classic style. It has a deep amber color and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character. Generous quantities of premium Cascade hops give the Pale Ale its fragrant bouquet and spicy flavor. alcohol content 5.6% by volume yeast Top-fermenting Ale Yeast beginning gravity 13.0 Plato bittering hops Magnum & Perle ending gravity 2.8 Plato finishing hops Cascade bitterness units 37 malts Two-row Pale & Caramel
  • Torpedo Extra IPA   – Sierra Nevada Torpedo is a big American IPA; bold, assertive, and full of flavor highlighting the complex citrus, pine, and herbal character of whole-cone American hops. alcohol content 7.2% by volume yeast Ale Yeast beginning gravity 17.3 Plato bittering hops Magnum ending gravity 4.2 Plato finishing hops Magnum & Crystal bitterness units 65 dry hopping Magnum, Crystal & Citra malts Two-row Pale, & Crystal

8. Whitstran Brewing – Prosser, WA


  • Steamy Cream California Common Ale – Our lightest ale is made with pilzen malt, flaked oats, and malter wheat. It’s delicately hopped with Goldings and fermented using lager yeast at ale temperature.
  • Highlander Scottish-Style Ale – Generous helpings of Caramel and Vienna malts give this ale a rich amber color and smooth flavor. It’s lightly hopped with Yakima Goldings.

9. Horse Heaven Hills Brewing – Prosser, WA


  • Smokin Anvil”,  Scottish Ale   5.9 ABV, 30 IBU, malty sweet & a hint of smoke

10. Roslyn Brewing – Roslyn, WA

The Roslyn Brewing Company has been brewing hand-crafted and full-flavored beers in the old world tradition since 1990. Our beers are excellent, full-bodied, German-style lagers reminiscent of those brewed by the immigrant miners in our hometown of Roslyn, Washington at the turn of the century. We use only the finest ingredients, including malted barley grown in the Northwest, hops grown in the Yakima Valley, and ice cold snow-fed water from the heart of the Cascades, to produce a full-bodied brew with a flavor that some say has been missing in domestic beers since the enactment of Prohibition. Our goal is to continue Roslyn’s tradition of brewing excellence and bring it to beer lovers everywhere. Try one of our signature lagers today in our taproom or at your local watering hole. We think you will agree that you can taste the tradition of quality.


  • Brookside Pale Lager – A pale lager beer made without the darker malts that we use in Roslyn Beer. It is hopped primarily with Yakima Hallertau hops, and may remind you of a beer you might find at a small gasthaus in Germany. It is especially popular with people who like full-bodied, lighter beers with mild hopping, and is named for the Brookside neighborhood of Roslyn
  • Roslyn Dark Lager  – Our original brew. It is a mild dark lager with a distinct character, and closely resembles the lager handcrafted by the German brewmeisters at the original Roslyn Brewery and Malting Company one hundred years ago. We use our own recipe of Roslyn water, fresh from the Cascade Mountains, four types of malted barley and three hop varieties to produce this smooth lager.
  • Belgian Style Ale

11. Yakima Craft Brewing - Yakima, WA

Yakima Craft Brewing Co. is a craft beer brewery located in the heart of North America’s leading producer of hops, the Yakima Valley in the state of Washington.


  • TBA

12. Two Beers Brewing -Seattle, WA

Two Beers Brewing Company began in a small Seattle garage in 2007. Today, Two Beers Brewing produces twelve beers including five year-round, seven seasonal and a host of intricate infusions in its 4,800-square-foot SoDo brewery and tasting room. With a strong belief in supporting the local economy, Two Beers Brewing takes pride in using Washington ingredients to create all of its handcrafted beers. Behind the Beer: Joel VandenBrink, Founder/Head Brewer. The Beer: Two Beers Brewing produces five year-round beers (Evolutionary IPA, 20:20 Blonde Ale, Immersion Amber, Persnickety Pale, SoDo Brown) and seven seasonal beers (Crooked Belgian Wit, Fresh Hop, Jive Espresso Stout, Panorama Wheat, Pumpkin Spice Ale, Trailhead ISA). Small batch infusions – such as Jalapeno-infused Evo. IPA and Lime Ginger-infused Panorama Wheat – are also produced in limited quantities.


  • Evolutionary IPA – Evo. IPA is a dry‐hopped, deep copper colored IPA brewed with Yakima Valley Simcoe, Amarillo, and Centenniel Hops, then aggressively dry­‐hopped with Simcoe and Columbus. The floral and citrus aroma compliments the crisp malt body. IBUs: 70, ABV: 6.2, Style: India Pale Ale, Brewed Since: November 2009, Available In: Draft, 22oz Bottles, 12oz Aluminum Cans
  • 20:20 Blonde Ale – The clarity and crisp malt body of 20:20 Blonde Ale are attributed to the use of Pale and light crystal malt, and the citrus smell comes from Yakima Valley grown Simcoe hops.IBUs: 18, ABV: 4.8, Style: American Blonde Ale, Brewed Since: February 2008, Available In: Draft

13. Georgetown Brewing – Seattle, WA

We’re Roger Bialous and Manny Chao… a couple of beer loving local boys who brewed up a pretty darn tasty beer in the garage (actually it was the back deck, but garage sounds better). We decided to chuck our jobs… all for beer. Yee-haw. In all seriousness, we’re living out our dreams. We love beer. We love brewing. Here we are. Life’s too short not to follow your beer, er… I mean passions. The Zen philosopher Basho once wrote, ” a flute without holes is not a flute and a donut with no holes is a danish.”


  • Manny’s Pale Ale  – Darn tasty beer. A careful selection of Northwest hops, premium barley, and our unique yeast give this ale a rich and complex malty middle with a snappy hop finish. It’s truly a micro that finishes crisp, clean, and smooth. 2-row Pale, Caramel, and Cara-pilsner malt. Summit and Cascade hops. IBU’s: 38. Original gravity 1.050 (13 Plato). Finishing gravity 1.010 (2.5 Plato). Our unique yeast. Alcohol by Volume: 5.2%.
  • Lucille India Pale Ale – Darn tasty IPA. Floral, citrusy and awesome. Anything so innocent and built like that just gotta be named Lucille. 2-row Pale, Caramel, and Carapils. Columbus, Centennial, Amarillo, and Cascade Hops. IBU’s 85. English Ale Yeast. Alcohol by volume 6.8%.

14. Snipes Mountain Brewing Inc - Sunnyside, WA

“Snipes Mountain ales are handcrafted in small batches using a blend of traditional and modern brewing methods. Our pure house yeast is clean finishing and flexible enough to produce many styles of ales. Snipes Mountain features many varieties of locally grown Yakima Valley hops balanced with a blend of Northwest and European malts. The use of quality ingredients and a passion for beer results in a fresh, unique, full-flavored beer that I hope you will enjoy.”


  • Dos Borrachos Lager
  • Red Sky ESB
  • India Pale Ale -  Full and complex maltiness balances bold hop flavors and aromas.

15. Kona Brewing Co. (cancelled) – Honolulu, HI -

Kona Brewing Company was started by father and son team Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa. The pair had a dream to create fresh, local island brews made with spirit, passion and quality. Their love of Hawaii, and a desire to protect the pristine environment here, brought them to the Big Island to fulfill their vision. Kona Brewing continues to be headquartered right where it began, in Kailua-Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island. Our Beers: Kona Brewing Company introduced Pacific Golden Ale (now called Big Wave Golden Ale) and Fire Rock Pale Ale to Hawaii in bottles and kegs on February 14, 1995. Longboard Island Lager was added three years later. Approximately 10 other styles of beer are brewed on a regular basis and served at Kona Brewing Company’s pubs with a select few being served at some finer restaurants and markets. These range in color from very blonde to black; in flavor from tangy to hoppy to roasty… and everything in between. Today the three flagship beers are widely distributed throughout Hawaii, making Kona the top selling craft beer in the islands. Longboard Island Lager, Fire Rock Pale Ale and Limited Release beers Pipeline Porter and Wailua Wheat Ale are distributed in select markets throughout the United States and in Japan.


  • TBA

16. Red Hook Brewing (cancelled) – Seattle, WA

In 1981, Gordon Bowker and Paul Shipman started Redhook Ale Brewery in an old transmission shop in Seattle. Early missteps led to a cult following and eventually led to widespread acclaim that inspired countless craft brewers. Still, more than 25 years later, no brewery has been able to achieve the pure, unqualified Liquid Goodness of Redhook. Redhook was born out of the energy & spirit of the early 80′s in the heart of Seattle. While the term didn’t exist at the time, Redhook became one of America’s first “craft” breweries. From a modest start in a former transmission shop in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard, to the current breweries in Woodinville, WA and Portsmouth, NH, Redhook has become one of America’s most recognized craft breweries. While Redhook has “grown up” over the past 30 years, one thing has never changed… it’s still brewing great beers like ESB, Long Hammer IPA, Copperhook, and Seasonal brews, and most importantly, making sure that they’re having fun doing it. Redhook’s beers are available in both draught and bottles and are distributed nationally through a network of wholesale distributors.


  • TBA

17. Columbia Valley Brewing – Wenatchee, WA



  • TBA

18. Mac & Jack’s Brewing Company – Redmond, WA

Mac Rankin and Jack Schropp founded Mac & Jack’s in 1993 and are still active in the day to day operations. We sold our first keg in April of 1994 to Billy McHales in Redmond, WA. African Amber started as a house beer for the Park Pub which is located next to the Woodland Park Zoo. The beer was named by Bruce Springer, who owned the pub at the time; he played off the Zoo theme to create the name. The next house beer Mac created for the Park Pub was Serengeti Wheat, it was named in the same fashion. All of the logos have animals on them. This is an outgrowth of the African and Zoo based names, besides we like animals! Mac & Jack’s Brewing Company proudly dedicates itself to preserving a clean environment as a responsible resident in Redmond and to the community at large. From re-using water to providing spent grain to local farmers, all byproducts created here during the brewing process are recycled responsibly. This makes for happy neighbors as well as happy cows!


  • African Amber – The Northwest’s original, unfiltered and dry hopped amber ale. African Amber’s pioneering and innovative style is proof that drink-abilty does not have to be achieved by sacrificing flavor. This beer erupts with a floral, hoppy taste, followed by a well rounded malty middle, finishing with a nicely organic hop flavor. Locally sourced two row grain and a blend of specialty malts give our amber its rich taste. Further complexity is achieved by leaving the beer unfiltered, providing exceptional flavor, as well as giving our amber its unique “cloudy” look. Lastly, we actually place a bag of fresh, locally grown, Yakima valley hops in each keg creating what has become the original, cult classic, northwest amber ale.
  • Cascadian Dark Ale – Pale & dark roasted malts join together with generous portions of Yakima Valley hops in this unique new style of beer that was born in the Northwest. All the rich malty goodness you would expect from dark ale is accented by the hop kick of an IPA. Citrus and floral aroma is complimented by velvety smooth roasted malt flavor. A Northwest style of beer which boldly exhibits the wealth of local ingredients that make this such a great beer region.

19. Ninkasi Brewing Company – Eugene, OR

Ninkasi Brewing began on June 15th, 2006 when Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge spent 17 hours brewing their first batch of Total Domination IPA in leased space inside a German restaurant in Springfield, Oregon. Once a brewery, the building was equipped with a 15 barrel brew house set up for brewpub brewing. A year later, Ninkasi moved to its current location at 272 Van Buren Street, in the Whiteaker neighborhood of Eugene. The brewery now features a 50 barrel brewing system, and uses it to produce beer that is distributed throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, and San Francisco. The Ninkasi family of beers has grown from a single IPA (Total Domination) to include Tricerahops Double IPA, Believer Double Red, and Oatis Oatmeal Stout, as well as some popular seasonals: Spring Reign, Radiant Ale, and Sleigh’r Dark Double Alt.




19. Alpenfire – Port Townsend, WA

Like many young Washingtonians we discovered hard cider during visits to Canada where the drinking age is 19.  While in college we discovered a small wine shop that imported French ciders, they were a revelation. That was the 70’s and we’ve toyed with the idea of making hard cider ever since. In 2001 we got serious and went to see how it was being done in the cider areas of England, France and Spain. The encouraging thing was that a lot of the production was done on very small scale, the discouraging thing was that we needed to plant a true cider apple orchard to make a superior product. We had always assumed we could use the bounty of apples here in Washington State. Shortly after we returned home we heard that WSU was offering a class at Mt Vernon taught by English Cider master Peter Mitchell. We took advantage of that wonderful opportunity and as soon as the class was over placed an order for 900 French and English cider variety trees. We spent the next year clearing and preparing our land. In 2003 we planted our trees and in 2008 we had our first harvest. Our orchard was certified organic in 2005 and in 2009 we were certified as organic processors. Wildfire Cider is the first organic cidery in Washington State. This year is our second year of production and our orchard delivered 15 bins of incredible apples full of tannins, acids and the complex flavors that we encountered in Europe.


  • Spark Semi-Sweet Cider -  Spark has the full apple flavor of a crisp Gravenstein but holds onto the depth of flavor in traditional cider fruit.
  • Pirates Plank Bone Dry Cider – A Northwest take on an English Scrumpy Cider, barrel ages, unfiltered and bone dry.

20. Crispin – Minneapolis, MN

Classically refined, but not styled as a traditional “sweet beer” beer alternative, Crispin ciders are crisp and clean, not sweet and sticky and never sacrifice superior quality refreshment satisfaction for overbearing complexity. Always true to the apple, Crispin Hard Ciders naturally fermented in the USA use fresh pressed apple-juice, not from apple juice concentrate, from a premium blend of US West Coast apples, with no added malt, grape wine or spirit alcohol. Crispin’s unique USA produced ciders are smoothed with pure apple juice or from natural sugar sources like organic honey or organic maple syrup, and contain no added colorants, sorbate or benzoate preservatives. Crispin ciders have 7 different varietals – Original, Light and Brut; classic European styled crisp clean ciders, Browns Lane; an imported classic English dry cider, and our line of Artisanal Reserves; Honey Crisp, The Saint and Lansdowne – unfiltered “cloudy” ciders, ground-breaking “craft beer” uniquely American ciders. Crispin ciders are all Gluten Free for the wheat-intolerant person.


  • Crispin Original Crisp – Refreshing natural hard apple cider. Crisp over ice. A classically styled, but untraditional hard apple cider. Fruit forward, with a fresh, crunchy appley nose and a deliciously creamy, refreshingly crisp mouth feel
  • Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Blackberry Infused Pear Cider - Naturally fermented using 100% pear juice, not from pear juice concentrate, or flavored hard apple cider. Filtered cold for extra purity and infused with natural blackberry juice. With no added colorants, sugar, sorbate or benzoate preservatives. No added malt, spirit, grape or apple alcohols. Naturally elegant, refreshingly adult with an authentic blackberry dark-fruit taste and a sweet-sharp fresh tang. Mouthwatering juicy complexity. Luscious pear-berry bouquet.


Gard Vintners -Walla Walla, WA

Gård, meaning “farm” in many of the Scandinavian languages, is a tribute to our family’s Scandinavian heritage and farming tradition. Gard Vintners is a family-owned and operated winery that seeks to capture the quality of their estate vineyard in the glass. The Lawrence family, founders of Gård Vintners, has been farming the Royal Slope, near Royal City, Wash., in Washington’s Columbia Valley for over 45 years. Brothers Hervey “Sandy” Lawrence and John Lawrence, along with John’s son Josh Lawrence, were proud to launch Gård Vintners, a product of Lawrence Cellars, in 2006. Learn more about our estate vineyard. About Winemaker Aryn Morell: Aryn grew up in Western Washington and left to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas, originally for the golf program but ended up studying Chemistry at the College of Sciences there. Looking to continue that path to a career in Chemical Engineering, he spent a weekend in Napa Valley and was convinced by his brother that he should come to the Valley and experience the wine industry. After a few great meals and some great bottles of wine, Aryn began work in the wine industry of Napa Valley in late 2003. He started as a lab technician for Golden State Vintners, who at the time was the fifth largest winery in the United States. He soon moved to share time at their ultra-premium property, Edgewood Estates. Aryn left GSV to go through an official winemaking internship at Silver Oak, Napa Valley. Looking to further his knowledge, he then went to work for a company that focused on Chemical Engineering within the wine industry from 2005 – 2008, and it was here that Aryn says he gained huge insights on the industry as the company had almost 900 clients. Through this company Aryn personally worked at wineries such as Joseph Phelps, Quintessa, Hundred Acre, Husic, Hartwell, Chimney Rock, Caldwell Vineyards, Vineyard 29, Chappellet, Rutherford Hill, Spring Mountain Winery, Stags Leap Winery, Turnbull, Elyse and countless others. He has always said that being able to achieve something in the winery usually means you needed to experience it at another place. Well, having been in most of the wineries that we all love, he has the unique ability to say he has actually seen those things first hand. Aryn has been in Washington state since 2007 after taking over the winemaking at Matthews Estate in Woodinville. Since that point he has made some of Washington’s highest rated Sauvignon Blancs, as well as Syrahs that have never scored below 91 points in Wine Spectator. He also makes the wine for Tenor Wines, a new winery with a reserve-only program focused on making Washington’s greatest single varietals and one proprietary red blend.


2009 Don Isidro – retails for $22/bottle, Released: November 2011, 70% Cabernet, 30% Syrah, 300 cases produced 2008 VINTAGE: “RECOMMENDED” – WINE PRESS NORTHWEST, 2007 VINTAGE: “OUTSTANDING” – SEATTLE WINE AWARDS. Notes from Aryn Morell: Deep garnet in color with a nose of plums, currants, baking spices and vanilla bean. When swirled the wine releases rich plum jam, wild berries and hints of dried herbs. The palate is polished and ripe with just enough richness to balance the firm but supple youthful tannins.  This wine is full of show now and should age nicely for the next 4-6 years.

NEW RELEASE! 2010 Freyja – 78% Roussanne, 17% Pinot Gris, 5% Viognier
750 ml, retails for $14/bottle, Released: May 2012, 476 cases produced. 2009 VINTAGE: “OUTSTANDING” & “BEST BUY” – WINE PRESS NORTHWEST, AUGUST 2011. Tasting Notes from Winemaker Aryn Morell: Pale straw in color, the nose begins with white blossoms and raw honey backed by a hint of melon rind. Swirling releases pear and honeysuckle with marcona almonds. The palate is rich, broad and balanced, offering a creamy texture that balances the acid nicely. A hint of residual sugar is apparent on the palate, but it adds weight and leads the wine to the finish. This wine can go with almost any food, with the exception of the heaviest of meats because of the great acidity and the weight on the palate.

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